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No more tiring applications! Know today, where you will be on stage next month or next year! On stagedeal you can be booked by the best productions worldwide!

Present your talent now!
Present your talent now!

That's what professionals say about stagedeal

Prof. Jürgen “Zapo”

"As a director and producer, stagedeal offers me direct and easy access to new, unknown talent – worldwide."

Prof. Jürgen “Zapo” Schwalbe Actor / mime / artist /director / author / project developer


"stagedeal only lists professional acts, and that makes it interesting!"

Paul Kribbe Director, talent show judge, choreographer, actor, dancer and singer


"For me as a producer, stagedeal offers a big selection of artists with their current acts. This often gives me the opportunity to discover new and unknown professional artists. That's extremely helpful when searching for both traditional and innovative acts from the selection available."

Laris Gec Producer, choreographer


"Dates, negotiations and contracts are always available, worldwide! That's one of stagedeal's huge advantages!"

Robin Brosch Director, actor, singer, musician

Prof. Thomas

"stagedeal is especially helpful for students just starting a career after their professional training."

Prof. Thomas Rascher Movement / drama / physical theatre


"stagedeal is free of charge for artists and non-exclusive. It's another great and easy way to get bookings!"

Nadja Scheiwiller Acrobatics, musical actor, dancer, singer


"As an artist you don't want to deal with contractual negotiations and paperwork. Thanks to stagedeal this is a lot easier!"

Ahou Nikazar Musical actor, singer, dancer, choreographer


  • Negotiate and close contracts online
  • Promote your acts – quick and easy!
  • For artists completely free of charge
Show what you can do!

stagedeal – the platform for professionals

With stagedeal, artists, agents, producers and private customers can work simply and successfully together.

Here producers can find professional acts by international artists, and vice versa.

Artists who have uploaded their acts will receive job enquiries or they can search themselves worldwide for productions that need their specific talent, all without having to commit themselves exclusively to stagedeal. All acts will be shown in excellent quality with a video, photos, texts, and a lot of other important information. This information can be updated at any time, from anywhere in the world.

More information

In general, using stagedeal is free of charge for everyone! Only when an act is booked a commission will be charged from the party that does the booking. Artists can rejoice, because they pay nothing at all! They can market their acts on stagedeal free of charge and pay no commission when getting booked!

What’s more, artists are not even exclusively tied to us.

Only if artists want to pass their acts through our stagedeal assessment, in order to increase their chances of getting professional bookings, are they charged a small fee for getting their “stagedeal professional act “status.

For producers, agents and privat persons, signing up and using stagedeal, is also free of charge. Only when an act is booked, a commission will be charged.

For agents, stagedeal is the perfect way of additionally marketing their own artists worldwide, or as a tool when working on projects for producers. Agencies pay no fees for offering their own artists. The above-mentioned commission is incurred only when an act is booked.

That’s how stagedeal supports everyone involved and helps you to achieve your goals faster and at lower costs!